Six human senses are the 6 parts of one feeling - love.

Six senses of Barcelona are the 6 parts of the author’s perception and love to this city. These parts are presented like 6 patterns about the 6 human senses: “Eyesight”, “Scent”, “Hearing”, “Space”, “Taste” and “Touch”. Together they give a common feeling of Barcelona, transfer the color palette, the mood, give the understanding of some specific and typical things about this city. Each pattern is a small adventure, a short but deep trip to Barcelona that is unique for each person like a real one. A huge number of details makes these 6 mental journeys exciting and gives the similar feelings that Barcelona does. The aim is to evoke each particular sense of human, the feelings and emotions and to turn on the imagination. Person will receive his/her own perception about the city because it was gained by his/her personal senses and feelings.

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